It is extremely unfortunate that Rafa was unable to complete his quater final match against Murray. Best of wishes for the future and I hope a quick and complete recovery will follow. See you at Roland Garros Rafa!


Justin Nozuka

Em and I will be seeing this awesomely talented guy on Friday!!!! Can't Wait!!!


Florence + the Machine

Absolutely Fabulous!

Wishing I was there...

So I was watching MTV, which regretfully is one of my good ol' pastimes, and I came across the promo for the new show, The Buried Life, in which four guys essentially act upon their 'bucket lists.' And in my deep and thoughtful way... I began to think about the things that I wish to do in my life. And what do you know, i happen to have some deep hidden desires, and one of these just so happen to be to make it to each Tennis Major! I know this may appear to be a tad bit ridiculous but think about it!!! Melbourne, Australia in January
Paris, France in May/June
London, England in June/July
New York, America in August/September
Its perfect! And I'm 1 in 4! Two years ago I made my way across the Atlantic to The Championships at Wimbledon! And if you believe it I was in New York three years ago during the US Open... and believe me I will never forgive myself for not getting down to Flushing Meadows! But eventually I will get to all of them!

Flight Booked

Oh sweet, sweet Edinburgh! How I have missed you!

After months of anticipation I'm officially making my third straight return to Europe this summer! Although.... wait for it... this summer is going to be extra fantastic! My fabulous sister will be graduating from the University of Edinburgh on July 2nd?!?!? (i think) Anyway, she will be a certified teaching monster!! Watch out children! Although this is extremely exciting, the month preceding her grad is going to be far better! For her and I will be travelling through France, Belgium, Germany and possibly Austria or Czech Republic! (we haven't decided yet... any suggestions?) Then we will be flying back to Edinburgh and taking a tour of the highlands!

So after my long break from writing I'll hopefully be updating far more regularly! Giving updates on the trip and posting anything exciting that comes to mind!