Summer's end... sounds a bit melodramatic don't you think?

So this week is apparently the week of anticipation and excitement for me! I have officially finished working for the summer! (my marathon shift yesterday was enough for me to swear of physical labour for the duration of my life!) I start school on Monday! (ok... so thats not that exciting...) and the US Open is coming to a very entertaining and climatic finish! What more is there to ask for really?!?!?! (Perhaps besides a Federer victory?!?!)

But also with the close of the summer there are a couple of let downs... coming back from Scotland minus a sibling (one who gets to continue to live there and travel) is a major disappointment! And looking forward to the beginning of the new school year (in which I may have bitten off a little more then I can chew) I feel a little overwhelmed and envious of others... But nevertheless with less then 5 days left of my summer left I have nothing really to complain about! Life is officially good!